Essay Comparing Glass Menagerie And A Raisin In The Sun

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Tennessee Williams’ story, The Glass Menagerie, is very similar in many ways to Lorraine Hansberry’s A Raisin in the Sun. In both stories they have characters that can be directly compared and contrasted. I believe that the reason for such similarities is that both stories are attempting to convey a similar idea using like characters to do so. Two of the characters that stood out to me most in these stories that I thought would be best compared are Laura Wingfield and Beneatha Younger due to there very similar character complexes and the way the interact with others. Both Laura Wingfield and Beneatha Younger have mothers that are pressuring to do things they may not event want to do. In, The Glass Menagerie, Laura’s mother, Amanda, wants her daughter to go to business school and find a great man to be married to. Laura, however, doesn’t connect with reality well and deals with that by retreating into her own world. This causes her to be even more disconnected and leads to her eventual heartbreak. Beneatha’s mother wants her to do things with her life that she also doesn’t want to do. Lena, Beneatha’s mother, wants her to go into the medical field and date a rich rude man that…show more content…
The first is with George, an African-American man who is rather pompous and rude to others. He also attempts to conform to white culture and standards. This doesn’t sit well with Beneatha and makes her rather depressed. The second relationship she has is with Asagai, a Nigerian foreign exchange student that loves discovering and better understanding his African roots. However, even that relationship had its strains. Asagai believed that, since Beneatha didn’t want to marry him, she was too independent. Though at the same time he believed she was too dependent on the insurance money from her father’s death in order to become a doctor. Beneatha realizes that that is true and attempts to make more of her own way through medical

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