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Good Will Hunting is a great movie with an impressive list of accolades to support it. This film is about Will Hunting (played by Matt Damon), a closet genius who as a child, was abandoned by his biological parents and severely abused by his foster parents, and his journey of finding his place in the world. He goes through this journey with the help of psychologist, Sean Maguire (played by Robin Williams), and Will is able to slowly discover who he really is and comes to realize how great his gift is. Along with Sean Maguire, the people who played the biggest role in Will’s life was his best friend Chuckie Sullivan, his girlfriend Skylar, and Professor Lambeau. This film was informed its audience of the journey of someone and their battle with…show more content…
One it symbolizes the fact that Will is searching (or hunting) for good will in life. He wants to do the right things in life, but he isn't really sure how to. Therefore, he searches for it. It also means that Will Hunting himself is good. However, both these meanings of the title remains unknown until the end of the movie. Like in most films, the full significance of the title is obtained only after seeing the entire film and Good Will Hunting's title reveals the theme of the movie, but it can only be comprehended entirely after having watched the whole…show more content…
Will learned about truth from three types of people in his life: his friends, his lover, and his mentor. Will had extensive knowledge about history, science, mathematics, and more, but it took the existence of those that loved him for him to understand what truth is and want to change his life. Another central theme was trust. When Professor Lambeau first walks into Sean Maguire’s classroom to ask for his help, he is giving a lecture about the necessity of trust between a psychologist and a patient. Will is very distrusting and toys with all of the psychologists that Professor Lambeau called in to help. He continues to not take the therapy sessions seriously until Sean becomes involved. However, the main theme of the film was in order to move on in life, one must conquer their fears by learning what truth and trust

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