Rapping Through Hip Hop

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Rapping Our Way Through Hip Hop Many people get confused on the difference between Hip Hop and Rap. Hip Hop is used in many different ways, while Rap is used in one. Hip Hop is the overall culture, which includes the music, style, people, behavior, and everything in between, while Rap is the music. Rap is the basis of Hip Hop. Rap influenced many people to talk a certain way, to act a certain way, and even dress a certain way. While Hip Hop was created in New York City, Rap was created from the Africans that the Americans enslaved around the 1800s (Lommel 11). In African culture, there are storytellers called Griots (Lommel 10). Cookie Lommel, author of the book The History of Rap Music, explains that Griots sung songs about women and men.…show more content…
These artists are rapping about their social stand point on a subject (Clumps). Conscious rappers, and their songs, are usually not as intense and violent because they are just sending their social stand point across. Conscious Rap usually contains smooth beats that have positive messages of encouragement imbedded in these beats, explains Henry Adaso. Perfect examples of early Conscious Rap would be "The Message" by Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five, as well as "Hey Young World" by Slick Rick. According to Ricky Walter's page on A-Z Lyrics, in the beginning of "Hey Young World" Rick send a very clear message across about respecting your mother. He goes on about teen moms and their struggles, and he also tells kids to stay in school. He says that not going to school, is not cool. Rick then tells kids not to follow bad role models. He repeats the lyrics, "Hey young world, the world is yours" to express on how your life is yours, and it's up to you on how you live it . This whole song is about what you should do with life. Slick Rick send a clear and life-changing message across (Walters). Conscious rappers, except a few like Nas and Kayne West, are usually not very accomplished and are not as high in the charts as the more popular sub-genres like Trap
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