Rap: The Founding Father Of Rap Music

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Rap also known as hip hop is a popular genre of music. Rap is spreading across the world today but back in the 1970’s rap wasn't that popular. Rap would be nothing if Coke la Rock. Some say he is the founding father of rap music. “There is not a man that can’t be thrown A Horse that can’t be rode A bull that can’t be stopped There is not a disco that I Coke La Rock can’t rock.” Rap, also known as hip-hop started in the ghetto projects in New York City (“Rap” para 1). Rap is known as a style of living (“Rap” para 1). Coke la Rock had one bar that made rap popular (Mize para 1). Rap music has appeared more and is becoming more popular (Mize para 1).Coke la Rock was involved in hip hop and created rap (Mize para 1). In 1979 rap was first aired…show more content…
New art came from different kinds of artists (“Rap” para 4). Rap music was meant to uplift families (Mize para 5). Since raps beginning rap has alternated (Mize para 5). Rap music has advanced a lot from back in the 1900’s (Mize para 5). The first two groups to be introduced into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame were Grandmaster Flash and Furious Five (“Rap” para 10). Rap is now growing worldwide (“Rap” para 10). Rap music can be influential and can be a positive or negative effect (Killion para 1). Rap has a contentious reputation and has many detractors (“Rap” para 1). Rap is now a worldwide sensation (“Rap” para 1). Rap is well liked genre in the hip hop lifestyle Killion para 3). Rap was established in the early 1970’s in South Bronx (Killion para 3). Many rappers from the 1970’s were influenced through Muhammad Ali and Martin Luther King Jr. (“Rap” para 4). According to the Professor Emmett Price, Rap is taking over (“Rap” para 6). Many rappers in the 1980’s were very positive (“Rap” para 6). In California artist like Ice-T and NWA rapped over gang violence (“Rap” para 6). Rap started becoming violent when Tupac and the notorious B.I.G were murdered (“Rap”…show more content…
Rappers who rap over break dancing songs are called MC’s (“Rap” para 4). The Last Poets had delivered street poetry (“Rap” para 4). Rappers started rapping over break dancing beats (“Rap” para 4). The first rap song that people could understand was “You’re my Candy Sweet”(“Rap” para 5). Rap music has evolved from what it used to be (Mize para 5). Other rappers were rapping about positivity while on the West Coast Ice-T and NWA were rapping about gang violence (“Rap” para 6). Some of the earliest rap recordings were in the 1980’s (“Rap” para

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