Kitty Genovese Experiment

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On March 13, 1964, a woman named Kitty Genovese was murdered outside of her home. One night while parking her car, a man dashed after her and brutally stabbed her in the back twice. In excruciating pain, Kitty screamed for her life. In response to her plead for help, one of the neighbors shouted at the criminal to leave the girl alone. Immediately the criminal scurried off leaving poor Ms. Genovese desperately crawling back towards her home. Several minutes later, the Criminal returned to the scene where he stabbed Kitty several more times as well as stole her money and sexually assaulted her. A neighbor called the police but by time she called them it was too late for poor Ms. Genovese. Thirty-eight neighbors heard the cries of Kitty Genovese. Why was there such apathy, indifference and lack of concern witnessed from all the neighbors of Kitty Genovese? Two Social Psychologists, who are Bibb Latané and John Darley, started purposing questions as to why there was such a lack of concern towards Kitty Genovese.…show more content…
Latané and Darly asked Columbia University students to share their problems about urban life. For the students that were willing to participate, were requested to come to a waiting room before being interviewed. But little did they know that the urban- life study was just a decoy story. As the students filled out the forms, smoke began to fill the room through a small vent in the wall. Within four minutes, the room was completely covered in smoke, obscuring the vision and breathing of the students. Darley and Latané examined how the students reacted to this smoke in three different
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