Ralph In Lord Of The Flies Essay

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William Golding’s book, “The Lord of the Flies”, is about a group of schoolboys escaping the dangers of war on an airplane that crashed on an unknown island. They make a tribe, establish a shelter, keep a signal fire going, and hunt for meat. However, the ominous threat of a “beast” is always present. As time goes on, the boys began to split into two separate tribes, one that maintains rules, and one that hunts animals and has feasts. The boys are finally rescued when one of them sets the island on fire. Ralph, the protagonist, is a twelve year old boy who changes from being rude and disrespectful to a smart and caring leader. At first, Ralph is like most of the other boys on the island, strong-headed and ignorant. Initially, Ralph only cares about the signal fire and getting rescued. He, like the majority of the other boys, constantly teases Piggy (a smart fat boy) for being fat, and the “little'uns” for being the youngest. On their first night on the island, they lose a “little'un”, which causes Ralph to be more sympathetic towards them. After that, he lets them sleep in the shelters instead of having them sleep outside. This…show more content…
Ralph tries to keep the original tribe together, but ends up with just SamnEric (twins that are in charge of the fire), Piggy, and the “little'uns”. When Jack causes the signal fire to go out, Ralph gets mad with Jack because, not only did the fire go out, but they also missed a boat passing by which likely could have rescued them. While they are talking about the missed opportunity, Piggy says that it is the hunters’ fault that the fire went out, so Jack smacks Piggy to get his glasses. This causes one of the lenses to break, blinding Piggy in one eye and angering Ralph. Not only did he hurt Piggy, but he could have cost them their fire. This triggers another change, making Ralph more of a
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