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Getting New Granite Countertops? Here's What To Expect Granite countertops are a beautiful kitchen addition. They're not only attractive, they are also an ideal food preparation surface since granite is hard and durable. Installing granite is not an easy process for a DIY project since the counters are made from a single slab of granite. The weight of the stone alone makes it a difficult material to work with. Here are the steps involved in getting new granite countertops in your home. Choose The Color The first step is to visit the stone fabricator's facility and pick out the granite slab you want to use. Granite is cut from the earth in big slabs and although they all look similar, each slab is unique. The patterns vary somewhat, and the colors may be slightly different. For that reason, you want to pick the slabs for all your countertops at the same time. That ensures they will match, particularly when they are seamed together. Once you've found the perfect granite to go with your base counters, you need to decide on the type of corners and edges you want on the counter, and if you want a matching backsplash. Make The Template Since the slab of granite is custom cut for your base counters, precise measurements are necessary. The easiest way to do that is to have the contractor make a template. This involves using a…show more content…
The heavy weight of the stone helps hold it in place, but the contractor will still seal the underside of it to your cabinets with caulk. If there are seams to join, the contractor uses epoxy of a matching color to fill in the crack. The excess is leveled off the top and allowed to dry. When the seams are joined by a professional, they are barely noticeable. It should only take a few hours to get your new countertops installed, but the contractor may wait until the next day to finish the job by connecting the plumbing and

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