How Does Ralph Become Civilized In Lord Of The Flies

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Lord of the Flies Essay From the very beginning of the story every child in the group seemed to be civilized, but as Golding Progressed into the story he started to leave actions and signs along the plot to whom he deemed worthy of keeping that farfetched trait and who he wanted to fall under the category of a savage. Ralph From the get go had the mind set and the actions to keep himself civilized to a point, there came a time or two where he noticed himself drifting away, and when we see him take this plunge into savagery it opens up the book into a broader view of how Golding saw theses’ kids and how he pictured the world. Ralph seemed to struggle thought the whole book with the battle between wanting to be civilized and want to be rescued but there are times that we see him lean towards savagery just based off the influence of everyone else. We first notice Ralph applying himself towards working for a rag tail civilization as soon as they crash land onto to island, he…show more content…
In addition, the only real answer to this question was Ralph and piggy, Golding builds Ralph and Piggy thought the story based on the idea of staying civilized to get rescued. Ralph fought a lot of battles in his head and lost a couple times, for instance in chapter 7 Ralph finds pride in the fact that he hit the boar and decides at the moment in time that hunting is important and loses himself in the chase for the boar, all along he ends chapter 7 by taking a “game” way too far and almost severely hurting one of the boys, only then to realize that he had taken a step into Savagery, and forgot what his hole plan for getting rescued was. Not only does Ralph show some of his true colors it shows that these kids are putting on a front of savagery, the kid that was almost severely injured because a scared little kid once he realizes how the people react in such a harsh unstable

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