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Adolescence is a rough time for everyone. The brain is not fully developed, and our critical thinking is not that great. In the film The Evolution of a Criminal (2014) by director Darius Clark Monroe. The director is the ex-convict on whom the film is based. He turns the cameras on his family and friends and asks for their insight on how they felt and what was going through their minds before and after they found out that their esteemed family member, 16 year old Darius, robbed a bank. This film is effective because it relates to modern day events and is very relateable. The dialog and reenactments help to convey the viewer to feel sadness toward Darius and his family members. The director successfully shows how parents’ struggles can not only…show more content…
Children start to think that they can help and will try to do anything to see their family not struggle. Sometimes that means taking drastic measures. Darius for example made the bad decision of robbing a bank to help his family. As a child he thought they were a middle-class family and thought that money was not an issue for them. His view started to change as he grew older and he started to realize that his family did not have money. He said “I would ask my parents all the time about their financial situation because I would over hear it…conversations, arguments.” Most of the time parents do not realize the burden that they place on their children when they make comments about their struggles. Darius became angry at the fact they could not make ends meet. In another part he said “I went from being a carefree and joyous child to becoming acutely aware of the fact that the world was not as I saw it and the burden that my parents had was slowly trickling down to me.” The monetary issues his family faced influenced him to choose against what is right and choose the wrong path that he thought would lead his family to a happy and worry free…show more content…
Bad influences and bad decisions result in life changing events. For example in the beginning of Darius’s junior year he choose to be involved in school clubs and activities. He choose to study and earn straight A’s. One teacher said “You were a good student.” Those good choice were leading him in the right direction and he had good status with his classmates and teachers that would help him in the future. Everyone around him thought he was a good student. His parents were not struggling like they used to, but then one bad misfortune happened that changed him and his family. They were robbed. His parents did not deal with it well and neither did Darius. A robbery can really break a family. One begins to question their safety and privacy. After the robbery they began to struggle again because the thief took some of their money. He said “I saw how hard my parents were working and I saw my dad had two jobs and we are still struggling? So yea ima help out.” This time he felt he had to take care of the burden for himself and free his parents of debt. He made a choice to help out, but he chose the wrong way to help. He chose to rob a bank. In the film Darius had a moment of doubt right before he robbed the bank. Darius ran back into the car and was contemplating whether to rob the bank or not. In the end he made the wrong decision and went ahead with their plan. His bad

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