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Medical students commonly struggle to select a specialty. It is a choice that will impact us for years to come, and there are so many excellent and intriguing options within the field of medicine. However, looking back upon my experiences during medical school, it is clear to me that radiology is a natural fit for me. I initially found it difficult to choose a specialty because I enjoyed every subject area during the preclinical years of medical school. I am a self-motivated and intellectually-curious student who loves learning about and discussing any disease in any field of medicine. Although I did not realize it at the time, those are important traits for a radiologist to possess. A radiologist is often a consultant to other healthcare providers and must appreciate, and maintain knowledge in, every area of medicine. I have been told there are “three a’s to being a good radiologist: availability, affability, and ability.” I know I will…show more content…
The first step to achieving a successful patient outcome is making a successful diagnosis; discerning radiologists frequently play a critical role in that process. Nothing thrills me more than figuring out how the puzzle pieces fit together, and radiology affords me the chance to make more diagnoses per day than any other specialty. I was amazed when one of my attending physicians diagnosed a Pancoast tumor on the scout film of a CT cervical spine series; that is the type of astute and methodic diagnostician I aspire to become. Moreover, the radiologists I have worked with maintained a collegial environment amongst themselves and with the other physicians in the hospital, sharing interesting diagnoses they had made or asking for input on particularly difficult cases. That type of collaborative attitude towards education and problem-solving is something I want to be a part of during a radiology residency and a career as a

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