Sir Lancelot Character Analysis

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In the times of King Arthur one of the highest honors that anyone can accomplish is to be apart of The Knights of the Round Table. If anyone where either one of those they were well respected and well know. Sir Lancelot Du Lake is one of the highest spots on the Knights of the Round Table and he is also the King's right hand man. He is easily one of the most respected people in the kingdom. For Sir Lancelot to become those two things he had to work for it. He embodies bravery and nobility, yet struggles with over confidence, which eventually lead to him finding his true ability and becoming a very important Knight. Lancelot is one of the most well known knights in the entire world. He is king Arthur's right hand man and is a high spot on the…show more content…
He struggled with disloyalty to King Arthur he would often try to take Guinevere from Arthur and try to get her to leave him. When he took her up to the tower asking her to basically leave with him and leave Arthur, his king. He would do many things like this trying to get her to leave Arthur and he would also sneak around with him. He is willing to risk everything he had for her, his honor, his trust between him and Arthur, even his spot at the Knights of the Round Table, which is one of the highest positions anyone can have in the kingdom. But before Guinevere he is not any different he is also impure and is messing around with multiple women. Guinevere actually slowed him down and put his mind on just one woman instead of seven. His biggest weakness is women in general he would do just about anything for women. And it effected him a ton. He fought for Guinevere and basically did anything for her and would not let her go, this lead to him being exiled from Camelot and the fall of Sir Lancelot. Bravery is a strength of his, but at certain times it is a weakness for him. He would get too cocky with it and would not know how to stop and would get himself into. He gets into a duel with Gawain and he could of walked away but his over cockiness got him into a fight that almost killed him. These parts are what Lancelot got his weakness from. He does not

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