Yahweh And The Accuser Analysis

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A- Yahweh one of God’s names in the Hebrew bible, and the accuser is the devil, the Satan and also known as the Adversary in the Hebrew bible. The relationship between Yahweh and the Accuser is an antagonistic one. Yahweh always tries to guide humankind to the right path, while the Accuser relentlessly attempt to sway humankind from it. Yahweh tolerates the Accuser for now till the Day of Judgment comes, when the Accuser and his followers from the humankind will be punished for their wrong deeds. B- The wager between Yahweh and the Accuser was made about a righteous, upright and blameless man on earth named Job. Job is blessed in so many ways, he got a wife, seven sons and three daughters, he got thousands of cattle and camels and sheep, hundreds of donkeys and he owned numerous slaves. His material wealth is unparalleled in the whole east during his time. Yahweh was praising him in the Heavens. The Accuser challenged Yahweh that Job will curse Yahweh in face if he affected enough with hardship and calamity. The Accuser suggesting that Job is not as righteous as he appears to be, he is only righteous upright because he is blessed with material wealth and large family. But Job passed the hard test and proved that he is genuinely righteous and upright. Yahweh had an…show more content…
When they heard about his hardship and suffering they decided to visit him and sympathize with him. The came to Job and saw his body covered with grievous burning rash from the sole of his feet the crown of his head. They wept loudly, tore their garments and dusted their heads. They spent seven days and seven nights with Job comforting him any way they can. They were genuine true friends of his. But Yahweh reprimanded them because they associated ones fortune in life with his goodness, or as he said addressing Eliphaz “I am very angry at you and your two friends, for you have not spoken rightly about me as did my servant

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