To Buy Me A Daddy How School Taught Me I Was Poor And By Any Other Name Summary

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Judgment begins at an early age. In the autobiographical excerpts, To Buy Me a Daddy, How School Taught Me I Was Poor, and By Any Other Name, Richard Gregory's, Jeff Sapp's, and Santha Rama Rau's alienation reveal that the surrounding society is based upon privilege and those who are different are harassed. Each author's struggle is displayed through their respective testimonies. Richard was at the bottom of all social pyramids which led to hateful, assumptive behavior from his peers and exclusion from typical class activities. Jeff was bullied for being poor and not as privileged as the majority of people. Santha was targeted by the racial stereotypes from her teachers and fellow classmates. Almost indefinitely, a child's race, class, or creed determines their life and experience as a child. In the…show more content…
Intentionally, school is preparation for the real world through basic knowledge that every adult should know and must know for a specific job, such as accounting or literature. While these are all important and what should be learned in school, it teaches how to live life “looking cool,” or what is acceptable in terms of looks, personality, and sometimes grades. School, academically, is successful in teaching life skills and necessary subjects, but the workload it comes with can be overwhelming. School is one of the largest social outlets in a teen's life, especially including clubs and sports teams. Again, this is more something that is not taught in school verbally, but something that is passed down or simply general knowledge. One of the largest elements of school is emotion; school is an emotional roller coaster with its highs and lows, but when controlled, they make life easier. So much is taught at school that does not come up, but school is a place of learning, and whether it is aware or not, it fulfills its

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