Essay On Racial Profiling

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Racial profialling has been a long time problem in the United States. With all the progress American citizens would like to believe we have made, racial profiling still happens every day all across the country. As small as someone shifting to the side when someone of a different race walks past assuming they are going to harm them, to hunting them down in cold blood. The public needs to become more aware of the harm caused by racial profiling. It is not only wrong, it should be punishable by law. The most recent case, as I am sure most of you have heard by now, is the case of Ahmed Mohamed. Ahmed is a 14yr old high school student in Irving, Texax. Ahmed brought a home made clock to school, excited to show his engineering teacher what he had done. Ahmed's teacher told him that it was cool, but also said to but it in his locker. Another teacher happened to hear it beeping, and even though she was told it was just a clock, proceded to have the police contacted. Now, I can understand why some may think it was suspicious based on the looks of said clock, built into a pencil box that looked like a briefcase, but that is not the only incident. When Ahmed was taken into the office to be greeted by four police officers, one made the comment, "Yup. That's who I thought it was."…show more content…
Ahmed was unlawfully treated. Ahmed was denied the right to phone his parents. Police proceeded to question him without a parent present. Finally, later on in the day, Ahmed's father was contacted. Upon arriving at the station, Ahmed's father was denied the right to see Ahmed. Eventually charges were dropped, but not before making Ahmed feel like a criminal. After the ordeal was over, Ahmed was being denied his education. Ahmed has been suspended from school and was not sure if he would return. Ahmed is discouraged from making anymore creations incase he may get into a similar
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