Race In The Twenty-First Century Analysis

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All humans are visual, meaning that our first sense is to evaluate someone or something with our eyes. We make instant judgments about people around us based on what we see, and often their skin color is the first and most important thing we seem to notice. Most of the time, we take in account that the person is not like us, especially when we are very young. But as we grow older our opinion of color is expanded by the influences of other people around us, like our family, neighbors, teachers, and even the community you live in. Basically race has been used in history as a form of classification for people. Since practically the beginning of time individuals have created stereotypes for certain racial groups that have begun to mold our society…show more content…
It is more of a social construct. Race is somewhat “real” in the genetic sense, but racial classifications for individuals remain constant across boundaries. Yet, a person who could be categorized as black in the United States might be considered white in Brazil or colored in South Africa. Thomas Holt points out something that happens a lot because of the way society has turned people to treat blacks differently from say black celebrities. In his book the Problems of Race in the Twenty-first Century he gives an example of this situation. If Michael Jackson were to walk through a white community, they would be screaming their adoration for him. They might even give him special treatment. If they would have torn his clothing it would be used as trophy or prize rather than attempting to hurt him. Now if you take the same situation but instead of Michael Jackson it’s two black teenage boys going through the white community. That same crowd is screaming but for opposite reasons they’re screaming for blood. The teenage boys are seen as to not be trusted and to be watched because they look suspicious. Society has made it become like this because the news and social media portray celebrities as good people but if you are a black person you are trouble. Racism and racist stereotypes have started because of race being now socially created and has endured for so long, and will endure as long as Americans remain to hold onto the conception of

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