Quotes From 'A Midsummer Night's Dream'

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There ain’t too much more to this story. C’mon kids let’s get back to it.” He took a seat, grabbed and lit his pipe once again, and continued, “So we was crawlin right. That damn light was so bright I felt I might just go blind if I look into it. We musta got bout 20 or so yards from it before we could actually see what it really was.” He took another puff off his pipe. “It was all shiny like. Sparklin’ like a ball made of tin foil or something, ‘bout eight to ten feet high. We thought maybe it was a bomb or something. We had lots of those out there in that one jungle. Well most of us troops ran back into the jungle. Me and Casey, my pal from the war, stayed to find out. We just sat there a bit ’til I worked up the courage to try to touch
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