Relying On Others In A Midsummer Night's Dream

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Relying on others is a natural thing that almost all people do. One may ask another for help, and doing so can lead to being let down. They may do it wrong, or not do it at all. Not relying on others, and only oneself will induce greater independence because things have to be done alone, not by a friend or peer. Relying on others can make one useless in independent tasks. If something were to happen to the person being relied on, one may not know how to do things on their own without that person. Thus, relying on others can lead to disappointment and frustration. Relying on oneself will improve one’s lifestyle. Relying on oneself improves independence and makes one a more self-sufficient and self-supporting person. Looking at Bottom, it was very obvious that he was uncontrolled and sure of…show more content…
Another example of a character who is a self-assured individual is Hermia. She is so satisfied with what she wants that she tells Lysander that they won’t be sleeping together when she says, “Lie further off yet, do not lie so near” (A Midsummer Night’s Dream 2.2.43). If one were to rely on others all of the time, they wouldn’t understand how to do things by their lonesome. One day, a doctor’s appointment will be needed, and without the knowledge of how to do something alone, it will affect, and worsen a lifestyle. Theseus, Demetrius and Lysander all depend on their wives, Hippolyta, Helena and Hermia, to do the “womanly” things for thing (cook, clean, take care of future children, etc.), but if something were to happen to any of those women, then how would the husbands take care of themselves and/or any children they might have. The possibility of them being remarried is a potential, but if they were not, they would have no ability to cook for themselves, or to clean up. Having children in the picture is even worse; they may not know how to properly care to the child which could

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