Compare And Contrast Get Over It And A Midsummer Night's Dream

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et Over The Midsummer Dream A Midsummer Night's Dream by William Shakespeare is known as one of Shakespeare's best works, it is a romantic comedy centered around mistakes made by a fairy where the wrong guy falls in love with the wrong girl because of a potion. Get Over It by Tommy O'Haver is romantic comedy about a girl who breaks up with her lifelong boyfriend to date another guy. The former boyfriend auditions for a play but to his surprise his Ex-girlfriend also auditions and starts a messy Love triangle. Shakespeare is a pioneer in literature, his style and ideas have influenced many works throughout the years, but what has changed in terms of the romantic comedy genre over the last couple centuries. The love triangle, a conflict that has been a recurring scene in the Romantic comedy genre. In A Midsummer Night's Dream, after the effect of the potion, Lysander is in love with Hermia, and So is Demetrius. In Act 1 Lysander and Hermia are in love, and Helena is in love with Demetrius who is also in love with Hermia, “Demetrius, I'll avouch it to his head, Made love to Nedar's…show more content…
In A Midsummer Night's Dream it starts off with Lysander and Hermia in love, and after the application of the potion in Act 3 Scene 2 Lysander has fallen in love with Helena, in general, it follows the path of how One character has left the other to be with another character. But in the end Lysander is back with Hermia after the problem has been fixed. In Get Over It, Berke and Allison are dating but soon break up at the beginning of the movie, soon after Allison is dating and in love with Striker. As the movie comes to a close Striker cheats on Allison ending with Allison and Berke back together. In comparison Allison is like Lysander, Berke is like Hermia, and Striker is like Helena. But the Romantic Comedy genre has also changed over time with details that are more socially

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