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Jake Lapyuk Professor Reyes Ortega History 23 20 September 2014 Origins of Quinceanera No one knows where Quinceanera originated from, but it is believed to date all the way back to Aztec times. This is because in Aztec times when a young woman was at the age of fifteen she was getting prepared for marriage at that point. A Quinceanera is a party for a girl for her fifteenth birthday which brings her from childhood to adulthood. Being the father must be hard knowing his daughter is growing up. The Aztec times were hard for women. “One myth revolving around the Aztec tradition explains how around the age of fifteen, young girls were being prepared for marriage. Women in Aztec society were not considered an important part of the functioning…show more content…
It starts with a ceremony where the special girl of the night is given a Bible while the priest or pastor explains why it is going to be important in her adult life. A tiara is given while the priest talks about how it is mentioned in the bible. The tiara resembles that the young women is a daughter of God. Later the girl gets her flats taken of and heels put on. This honor is done by the father. The new women can also be given many other gifts like candles, umbrellas, watch and perfume all of which resemble how god will be helping throughout life. She is also given flowers which symbolize the first flowers she is offered as a young woman. The new Quinceanera prays to thank god for giving her this new role. A dressed doll can be given to resemble the last of her childhood. The ceremony ends with the priest giving his final prayer. Then begins the party with a big thanks to a great childhood the parents have given to the new young women. During this celebration young men called “chamberlains” dance with the Qiunceaneara. Gifts and contributions are very helpful because Quinceaneras are usually very large and include many friends and even extended family and this can get very costly. It is almost as big as a wedding. This makes it a great time to celebrate and get closer to each other and to their culture. It is also a great time to drink some cervaza and have some delicious Mexican…show more content…
Truly the father should be happy knowing that he raised such a wonderful daughter. Knowing that it will be lonely without her being home all the time, but it also might be a relief to some fathers. It is time for the daughter to bring happiness to a man and their family. After all the fathers wife was once someone’s daughter, it is just a fact of life. If fathers stopped giving away their daughters then we would not reproduce and soon we would not be on this earth if that were to happen. So the father kind of has to give away his

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