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The novel My Thirteenth Winter is a memoir about the author herself. The novel takes us through a journey of her childhood and teenage years with dyscalculia. The book focuses mainly on the struggles she had in school. The author provides such valuable insights for young adults and descriptions of the attitudes people had toward kids in special education. They would ask her “why are you in that class? You’re such a nice girl!” When Abeel wrote her first book of poetry and spoke out about her disability, she was still not confident about it. She says that her memoir, My Thirteenth Winter became her I- overcame- my- problem book. In her novel she is clear and truthful. She makes us understand that failure does occur and giving up is always…show more content…
Samantha is the main character and she details how her life was affected before and after she had been diagnosed with dyscalculia. She had also detailed how her family and her teachers helped in treating her. She tells us how in her seventh grade she had an English teacher who helped her develop strictly advanced writing skills and to balance it out with her learning disability. The novel is an incredibly honest and inspiring autobiography. Samantha teaches us that to find inner strength we must perservere even in times where we are hopeless. The book doesn’t have a said setting. From reading the book, all I know is that it is an autobiographical story on Samantha about how she grew up with a math related learning disability. This memoir is incredibly in-depth about Samantha’s life with dyscalculia and how she was able to cope with it. She details how her relationships with family and peers were affected. This led to her anxiety attacks, which caused her depression. The tone of this novel alternated. It contained a serious and content tone when Samantha explained about her disability and how it affected her. On the other hand, it had a cheerful and relieved tone when the author described how she was able to balance her disability and eventually lead a successful

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