Raisin In The Sun Racism

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There are many themes analysis in A Raisin in the Sun I personal only think there is only three main problems which are divisive effects of racism, poverty, segregation. There are only four main characters who are Mama/ Lena, Walter, Ruth, Beneatha Younger. The Youngers, live in the Chicago slums in a cramped roach-infested apartment, and sharing a bathroom with neighbors across the hall. Mama points out that something has come between her and her children. Walter Mama’s son also points out that something is happening between him and his wife Ruth. “RUTH Mama, something is happening between Walter and me. I don’t know what it is – but he needs something – something I can’t give him anymore. He needs this chance, Lena.” (Lorraine, P.42). Walter…show more content…
Mama came home with a surprise; she told everyone she bought a house for the family. Mama wants to get her family with her husband’s life insurance policy check instead spending it on something unless like a liquor store. “MAMA :(Putting her finger on his nose for emphasis) She went out and she bought you a house! (The explosion comes from WALTER at the end of the revelation and he jumps up and turns away from all of them in a fury. MAMA continues, to TRAVIS) You glad about the house? It’s going to be yours when you get to be a man. (Larraine, P.91) Walter is anger with Mama because she bought a house instead of giving him the money to buy a liquor store.” MAMA: Walter Lee – it makes a difference in a man when he can walk on floors that belong to him…”(Lorraine, P.81) Mama bought the house because that’s what her husband Mr. Younger wanted. Mama hopes buying a house would give Walter a good sense of pride because in this world it would be truly his. Mama bought a house in “white neighborhood” as Walter calls it; the neighborhood is called Clybourne Park. Walter and Ruth were worried about being in a white neighborhood “MAMA :Them houses they put up for colored in them areas way out all seem to cost twice as much as other houses. I did the best I could”. ( "A Raisin in the Sun Quotes."11 Nov.
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