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1. The Mongol Empire in the World History Though there have been several steppe tribes which threatened ancient China time to time and conquered considerable territory and influenced shifts of the next realms, none of them has had the impact of the Mongol Empire, which was the largest steppe empire in history. Originating from steppes of Central Asia, the Mongol Empire eventually stretched from Central Europe to the Sea of Japan, extending northwards into Siberia, eastwards and southwards into Indian subcontinent, and westwards as far as Middle East (Morgan 2007). The Mongol Empire had a lasting impact, unifying large regions, allowing trade, technologies, commodities, and ideologies to be disseminated and exchanged across Euroasia. 1.1. Brief History During the first half of 13th century, relatively small tribe of nomads from north of…show more content…
Expansion of the Mongol Empire and Conquests If you summarize expansion and conquering of the Mongol Empire chronically after Chinggis Khaan was enthroned and unified Mongol-Turkic tribes under his leadership, the Mongol Empire expanded via numerous conquests over Eurasian continent. Power of Mongols quickly extended beyond Mongolia, as the Mongols started its takeover. The first move Chinggis Khaan did was securing his borders. It began with the conquests of neighboring western Xia in north China and part of Tibet in 1207 and Jin Dynasty of northern China in 1211. With access and control over the Silk Road, the Mongols their consumption and consumer goods were changing with Chinese flow of goods and were administrated and distributed evenly. Moreover, storages and buildings were built to keep those goods unlike the Mongols nomadic lifestyle. People acquired the impression that Chinggis Khaan had a mandate of Heaven as Mongol’s military success increased and that fighting against him was fighting against heaven itself. Moreover, like previous fallen empires such as Romans and Arabs success in war was changing the

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