Quilting Essay

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Quilting is a time-honored folk-art and is the art of making a bed covering or a warm garment, or a decorative quilt. From the pioneers, quilting out of necessity, to the quilters of today, doing it as a hobby, quilting has been around for ages. Many people see a quilt as a piece of art, or something warm to curl up in, but most don’t see the long process and the amount of time, effort, and work that is put into the making of a quilt. There are many steps in making a quilt, and each and every one is just as import as any other step. To begin, the first step in making a quilt is choosing a pattern. Each pattern and material conveys different things and quilters must consider what they are trying to make and what the quilt will be used for when considering what materials to make the quilt out of. It is…show more content…
If the patterns are cut and laid out before hand, then the process can be quicker and there is a lesser chance for mistake because the quilter can see how everything will look and determine it before hand, all he or she needs to do is follow the pattern. Sewing every piece together comes next and this is the most time-consuming process of all. Every side of every patch must be sewn together, the border must be sewn on, along with the backing, and a large amount of stitches go into this. The quilt isn’t done yet, the stitches must be ironed to help them set and quilters can attach the batting one of two ways, by tacking it, meaning the quilter draws thread or yarn through all three layers twice, ties it in a square not and repeats this process for every single square. The other way to secure the batting is by sewing all three layers of the quilt together at every original stitch point, this is more time consuming than tacking because every side of every square and the border must be sewn once again. Once this is done, the quilter may admire his or her hard earned
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