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The book The Screwtape Letters from the perspective of the two demons letters written all by Screwtape to his nephew Wormwood. Does not pull me into the story quickly, instead it cuts straight to a letter written back to Wormwood without the knowledge of the letter that started all this. it does this so quick that I do not even get time to learn the characters it just immediately starts as if I have always been there. When I finally started to understand the characters and the point of view of the two demons as if these two are discussing my own life in the past, present, and future, without me me knowing. One interesting fact is the part when I only see the words of Screwtape, leaving the letters one sided of only being heard from the perspective of Screwtape. With this idea that C. S. Lewis creates gives me…show more content…
What makes it fascinating about the whole conversation between Screwtape and his nephew there is always a way that the patent can be convinced of something new. For instance at one point The patent is getting close to thinking there is a demon inside of him making life difficult for him. All Wormwood did was just show a ridiculous picture a comic demon and then the patent could not believe in a stupid picture like that, making him stop the suspicions. Another is the instance of how Wormwood is trying to keep the person away from church, so Screwtape says to have him get tired of his church and too go look for a new church. Because of this, the book does seem to be most realistic from the Christian perspective the demons are able to control the urges in the mind, but not the final decision which all Christians must fight for. One of these Urges that Screwtape seems to keep bringing up is the struggle between sex and lust which as of these past few decades that is one big human flaw. So it seems when Screwtape does not know what to say he always seems to fall back on that

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