Qualities Of Odysseus As A Hero In Homer's Odyssey

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Odysseus has important qualities of a hero such as leadership, fearlessness, determination, and love for his friends and family. Odysseus is a respected hero that can understand when something needs to happen. Odysseus makes the wrongdoers, such as the suitors, flinch at the thought of being caught by him. He is every kind of hero thought of by people. “But if you could only know how much suffering is in store for you before you get back to your country, you would stay with me.” Odysseus can be considered a hero because of his determination and bravery.Calypso is trying to convince Odysseus to stay with her, a goddess, and not to go back to his wife, a mortal. No matter the temptation to stay on the island with Calypso he still wishes to go back to his wife and son. He goes through many hardships, but he still goes home. Odysseus knows the dangers but says, “ Nevertheless, I want to get home and can think of nothing else. If some god wrecks me at sea, I will bear it.”…show more content…
He is strong and quick witted. He has leadership skills and can do almost anything under the pressure of time and death. He protects his men through everything that he can. When Odysseus loses any of his men, he mourns for them and obeys their final wishes. When Odysseus and his men are in the cave of the Cyclops, they lose six men. By giving a false name, they only had to fight one beast. It was Odysseus’s idea to blind the Cyclops and go under the cyclops with sheepskin. All of these ideas saved a lot more
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