Pietas Vs Michelangelo Pieta

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The Renaissance established a new way of thinking of how the universe works by the people beginning to develop humanism in the society and incorporating it into the art. After these people got out of the Middle Ages they started to think intelligently about their society and accomplish what they are capable of. During the times of the Middle Ages, many artists were skilled but were not famous as individuals. Then came along the Renaissance and many artists that wanted to be remember as individuals. Beginning during this time period these prominent artists were rewarded and known for what they individually did. These Renaissance scholars disliked the art from the Middle Ages. During that time the art was all based of church and religion…show more content…
Michelangelo was not the first to create the Pieta. There are two Pietas, the Medieval Pieta and the Michelangelo Pieta. There are many key differences between these two sculptures. Michelangelo’s Pieta showcased his individual skills along with the ideas of this Renaissance time period. In the medieval Pieta, Mary was mournful and sad. In Michelangelo's he personalized it make Mary look for Motherly to represent humanism. Another difference was that on the Medieval Pieta there was a slash in Jesus’ leg, and in Michelangelo's there was not. The reason for this is that Michelangelo was more focused on exemplifying the perfection of Christ rather than just retelling the story. Even though these two sculptures look similar they are extremely different. Michelangelo took the medieval Pieta and his individual artistic skills and beautified the sculpture: “Pieta is an another example of how Michelangelo wanted to make the human body beautiful. Michelangelo made Jesus beautiful as a human to show how beautiful God is, but also to show that humans can be just as beautiful as a God” (italianrenaissance.org). Michelangelo wanted to make the people feel that they were just as important and glorified as a saint or god. He showcased many of his skills in his art to symbolize

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