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In the nonfiction book Food Inc. by Karl B. Wiber, the author’s opinions towards the food industry hold a strong stand. Basically, Wiber’s extremely supportive to remove any food company that makes processed foods filled with GMO’s. Securely, the government does not accomplish the tasks in helping the food epidemic whatsoever. Also, the author’s strongly against the many way companies treat and some could say torture the animals held in their facilities. Throughout the revolting book, the Wiber delivers opinions and facts to support the idea of getting rid of GMO filled, processed, fattening foods. The facts stated in the piece could make almost anyone think twice before eating a food they have enjoyed before. One thing that most people don’t knows that most foods are made from corn since corns cheap to produce. Companies just disguise it as cellulose, saccharin, high fructose corn syrup, xanthan gum, maltodextrin, and many more. What people don’t knows that most foods are genetically modified to last longer on the shelves. Incorporations use cheap, modified ingredients to be sold at stores cheaper to make people want to buy their product more instead of getting the real thing that may be a dollar or two more.…show more content…
The government even provides a law called the Veggie Libel Laws. This law states that it’s against the law to criticize or ruin the reputation of a company’s food item. An extreme form of this law can go into effect in Colorado, people can get a felony and even go to prison for this “crime”. “In 1972, the FDA conducted approximately 50,000 food safety inspections. In 2006, the FDA conducted 9,164,” (Wiber 145). Disturbing as it is, E.coli is easier and easier to contract now and the government puts little to no effort to ensure the health of the country’s

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