Psychological Autobiography

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I was born in Saint John, New Brunswick on a cold day in late December, 1999. For the first three years of my life, I lived in a big white house with burgundy shutters in Upper Golden Grove with my mom, dad, and my brother who was born almost two years after me, and a German shepherd named Moses. In 2004, we moved to a slightly smaller grey house in the suburbs of Quispamsis so my brother and I could walk to school. As a young child, I was really shy. My mom says I talked a lot to her but didn’t say much around others. Around eight years old, I started talking to people even less than before. I couldn’t even talk to my grandparents on the phone. In social situations, I’d usually stick close to my parents or go hide in an empty room. In groups of people, I’d try my best to go unnoticed, which was fairly easy considering I was 3 feet tall at most. In class, I kept to myself and never raised my hand. Every single year, teachers have said “she’s a really good student and she does her work...but she needs to raise her hand…show more content…
I just assumed everyone else felt the same way and they were just better at ignoring it. Now, looking back, I know that that was actually an anxiety attack. The same thing happened the next year, in grade three, when I was supposed to read a journal entry to the class, except I actually started crying and Shannon had to help me calm down. I would have an anxiety attack every single time I had to do any sort of public speaking, although I didn’t have another severe one until grade nine. Talking to people I wasn’t really close with, like immediate family members and close friends, was also a huge problem. I couldn’t order in restaurants, answer the phone or the doorbell, or make small-talk with cashiers; even asking a teacher if I could go to the bathroom felt like an impossible task. When I was 12, I was diagnosed with social anxiety, but it wasn’t until recently that I realized how long I actually had

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