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Margery Kempe’s autobiography is an account of her religious life. Her autobiography focuses on mainly her religious experiences as a mystic. Her excessive inclusions of religious experiences in her autobiography suggest that Margery Kempe viewed her religious experiences and her relationship with Christ as the most significant aspect of her life. Throughout her autobiography, Kempe expresses her devotion to Christ and also makes it clear to others her devotion to the Catholic religion. Margery Kempe’s autobiography is not only a self-expression of her religious beliefs but also a self-defence against accusations of Lollardy and heresy, and a defense for secularized women to become as devout as she has and in this way be in control of their own lives.…show more content…
Margery Kempe’s overwhelming inclusions of religious experiences compared to the lack of secular life experiences in her autobiography suggests that Margery Kempe values only God in her life, which is why spiritual experiences are the main part of her autobiography. Margery makes most details of her life an act of devotion. She wears the clothing that God tells her to and abstains from food and drink that God tells her to abstain from. Margery Kempe has conversations with God, conversations about God and her devotion to Christ. Kempe’s consistent conversations with and about God are mainly the only conversations that are included in her auto-biography. The extreme inclusion of religious experiences in her auto-biography implies that Margery Kempe is self-expressing her devotion to Catholicism and Jesus Christ, because her autobiography mainly includes the aspects of her life that include her religious experiences and less so her secular life

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