Pros And Cons Of Weight Training

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If your just starting out with weight training, I suggest you start with the weight lifting routines listed below. The routines are there to help you get used to the feeling of weight training. This is very important for the beginner because it helps your body to get a feel for the weight and movement. At first, weight training will feel very unnatural and it will take anywhere from one month to three months for your body to develop the right balance. Remember, at this point, your weight training to get your body used to increasing levels of intensity. That is, with each workout, your body will start to develop a feel for the weight and will get a better sense of balance. Once this happens, your body will start to respond by getting stronger and growing larger muscle mass. However, this takes time and patience so don't expect to build muscle mass right off the bat.…show more content…
That depends on a variety of factors including age, gender, diet, and other factors but as long as you follow the weight training routines and be consistent with them, you will get there faster than sooner. For the beginner, maybe 3 to 6 months to advance to the intermediate stage. Always remember this. If you truly want to get the most out of weight training, you need to constantly improve as time goes on. That is, if you can improve from workout to workout you will see the results you want. I suggest you take a look at building muscle 101's tips and techniques page to find additional information. Below you'll find weight training routines for the beginner and intermediate trainer. Simply select the routine you want and click the link. Beginner Weight Training Routines Routine Type Who's It For? Beginners Program This is a 6 week complete beginners guide to weight training. This program is for those of you who have never done any weight training

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