Loft Angle Analysis

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Introduction: The aim of this exploration is to find the optimum loft angle that will help the golf ball travel the farthest. The loft angle of the club is the angle of deviation between the club and the shaft that connects to the club head. Due to the various other factors that play a role in the motion of the ball’s flight it is very challenging to ensure the optimal trajectory of the ball. Loft Angle is one of the many factors that affects the trajectory of the ball. Beginners often find it quite challenging to understand which club to use to achieve the maximum possible distance based on the loft angle of the club; I had faced this problem myself when I initially started playing golf. Rationale: The reason behind me choosing this topic…show more content…
The club head will be shown as a thin plate with a mass M and loft of θ moving at a velocity of Vx in the horizontal direction at the point of impact. The golf ball will be shown as a identical solid sphere (identical to normal golf balls) of mass m, radius r, and moment of inertia I=(2/5)mr^2. The point of impact between the club and the golf ball will be assumed to take place at the center of mass of the clubface and it will be assumed that there will no twisting of the club head or shaft at the point of impact. The analysis of the trajectory and point of impact of the ball will be with regard to the axes that will be parallel and perpendicular to the surface of the club head. The variables of the final velocities along these axes and the final angular velocity of the golf ball will be shown in the drawing…show more content…
The loss in energy can be taken into account through the coefficient of restitution, e. The coefficient of restitution is the ratio of the final to initial relative velocity between two objects after they collide. It normally ranges from 0 to 1 where 1 would be a perfectly elastic collision. A perfectly inelastic collision has a coefficient of 0, but a 0 value does not have to be perfectly

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