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Cause and Effect of Water Pollution in India Throughout human history, the humans have accomplished many different ways or techniques to make their life luxurious. With the help of science and technology the humans have successfully achieved in increasing food production, product marketing, and intentions of new technology. Having all these benefits are quite pleasing, but there is an old saying that with benefits there is always a downfall. The downfall in these advances is that the human are polluting and destroying the natural resources surrounding them. Water pollution is one of the natural resources that have been contaminated due to the discard of the pollutants in the water bodies without receiving treatment to remove the harmful compounds.…show more content…
As the human population is increasing and there is more demand in food production, the farmers use different pesticide and fertilizers so that the crops go faster. To grow food fast so that everyone has food to eat, is not that bad of an idea, but the more the farmers use these harmful pesticide and chemical fertilizer, now that is something to take in consideration. There are chemicals added to the fertilizer so that the crop the farmer has grown will be in more and larger in quantity, and these chemicals are then soaked up in the soil. Once the soil has soaked up these chemicals then the chemicals are added to the underground water…show more content…
The industries contribute to water pollution in three different ways. The industries pollute the water by directly disposing waste to the water bodies near them, producing toxic gases that cause acid rain, and the changing temperatures of water with their disposals in water bodies near them (Akbangia, 2010). As mentioned before, the process of eutrophication, when disposing of waste directly to a nearby river or lake, the waste builds up and the oxygen level in the water decreases cause the aquatic animals and plant to die. As industries are increasing in India, there are more and more toxic gases that are being released by these

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