Drivable Sub-Urban Growth Chapter Summary

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Consequences of Drivable Sub-urban Growth, a chapter adapted from the book builds around the Futurama experiment. Futurama is a car based transportation system that focuses on drivable sub-urban growth. This chapter puts into perspective the whole experience of the drivable sub-urban growth versus the walkable sub-urban development. The forthcoming benefits as well as the negative consequences have all been laid bare for one’s judgment. A comparison of the pre-1945 Era and post-world war two periods has been done so as to clearly elaborate the concept of drivable sub-urbanism. The author finally gives what would be the final effect of this development and how it might adversely affect the nation. The main theme of the chapter is evaluation of the aftermath of drivable sub-urban growth. This chapter gives a number of positive effects that come with drivable sub-urban growth, but greatly emphasizes on…show more content…
This has led to a lot of inactivity and little or no physical exercise. As a result of this lifestyle, health issues have cropped up in the society. Most of the teenagers are increasingly becoming obese due to no physical activity. Those at the mid-adulthood as well as the old are becoming diabetes and are affected by heart failures. This is discussed in the chapter and from personal experiences it is clear in the society that a similar trend of health issues is experienced. I am glad to see that Detroit has adapted a family activity that is known as “Slow Roll Detroit.” Slow Roll Detroit involves over 5,000 men, women and children who all come together to ride their bicycles. “It is Michigan's biggest weekly bicycle ride, aimed at building community and showing off the great City of Detroit” (http://www.slowroll.bike/). This weekly event is at least getting some of the people in Detroit and neighboring suburbs the opportunity to get some exercise

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