Private Prisons Pros And Cons

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Private Prisons Over the years, the number of prisoners has increased in the United States calling for more prisons to accommodate the prisoners. Due to this increase, the state found it beneficial for the establishment of for-profit prison companies which own private prisons what will help to lock more prisoners due to the great numbers. A private prison also known as for profit prison is a penitentiary or jail where inmates are confined by a third party that has been contracted by the state. The state is obliged to pay a certain amount of money on a monthly rate for each prisoner in the private prison. There are a number of private prisons in the united states for instance, the Corrections Corporation of America, the Wackenhut Corrections…show more content…
Private prisons have been established to help manage overcrowding in correctional facilities at lower costs. Most public prisons in the United States are congested due to the increase in the number on inmates, thus making the US prisons a worst place to be. Therefore, private prisons have significantly helped in reducing congestion in public prisons (Maahs and Pratt 360). In addition, private prisons help the state to save money that could have been used in public prisons because they are cost friendly and effective. Therefore, with private prisons, the government is able to save a lot which could have been spent in building public universities in addition to paying the numerous workers in the institution. Secondly, private prisons are easy to manage and are less expensive because private prisons spend less compared to what public prisons could have spent on the same inmates. For instance, the labor cost is low because, they have few employees in addition to the wages whereby public workers earn more on general wages and benefits compared to the workers in a private prison. In addition, they spend less on their expenses because they can bid for the suppliers compared to public prisons; therefore, they are cost-effective (Maahs and Pratt

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