The Pros And Cons Of Prisons

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From the Early 1940s through the present time there are more than 2.3 million American prisoners living behind the gated bars due to there criminal insanity. Prisoners are incarcerated from their heinous behaviors from minor offenses to serious murder cases therefore putting the damned in prisons as a welcome to punishment for them to stay within the confines of the four walls. As we continue to put prisoners behind the titanium steel bars this cost money and inflation of many federal requirements such as food, clothing, and a warm comfy bed that they can sleep all night, while they think about the beauty of their trophy they have done. My proposal is to put all of the United States high-level prison to one location, the Texas desert for those…show more content…
This will seep through every criminal who want to commit a crime will second guess their actions in what choices they make. A simple but powerful deterrent from the power of the federal prison system that will reduce the crime rate, hence less criminals to deal with. As for my method of what we should do with the high level prisoners, putting them to work under the hot sun. Many people will disagree with my inhumane implementations. The reduction of prisoner by relocation and making them pick and pull the fruits of their labor will impact everyone by the thought that this is the country of the hard working men and women, these prisoners will work until their hands will blister and bleed and foremost they will be exhausted by the repetitive motion. This will be the justification of each and every prisoner that has committed a horrific crime. People will disagree in my methods but in the other hand they may feel that putting the prisoner in a cell to rot is better than making them pick their food of the

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