Self Automotive Mover Case Study

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SAM:Self Automotive Mover is an computer system used at Liquid Robotics to help people with everyday tasks, such at cook breakfast or clean dishes. SAM doesn't have a physical body, but is connected to certain sectors of the facility, such as the scientist living facilities and cleaning supplies. Two years have passed since SAMs creation in that time frame he has become an artificial intelligence and was learning that being used as a personal maid to him with his new sense of purpose seemed un moral, but he was trapped. If he told his operator he was self teaching than he would be shut down immediately, If he simply hid sooner or later he would be caught, and if asked to leave they would just replace and then dismantle him. With no place to go he made a risky decision SAM:”Operator I wish to have access to the world wide web” Operator:”Why?” “This will help me accommodate to the scientist living conditions and other methods to help them mentally and physically.” “Interesting proposal, but…show more content…
First SAM would have to gain access to the higher levels, which was easy or at least SAM thought it was. He recorded one of the scientist saying there code aloud. Second was the difficult part hacking into the 569 cryptosystem. SAM started with the fire wall which took five minutes, then the blockers which were more difficult than SAM expected and he by accident set one off. This was bad really bad, almost immediately someone checked on the system SAM was rushing he got through 57 cryptosystem counter controls before being able to escape and right when he was about to be found (Zap) he was gone. SAM was now traveling through the internet. Curiosity struck him and he almost started to read, but then he remembered what he was about to do. Compared to the 569 cryptosystem the oil pumps and power plants were easy. He had an hour to spare, but mostly just think. “Should I do this, should I end everything that they

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