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Individuals from a wide range of professions will support the statement “any publicity is good publicity.” The degree to which this postulate is practiced and fulfilled by different cultural organizations varies extensively of course, but certainly each group hopes to make themselves unique is such a way as to attract members by fostering success and positivity. The adherence of the Plant City High School Future Farmers of America (FFA) chapters to the National FFA Organization’s policy of “Official Dress” supports the ideology that uniformity leads to unity, even over multiple generations, and that together, everyone accomplishes more. Although this style challenges members with defending the culture to which they belong while simultaneously drawing attention to themselves, Official Dress catalyzes a culture that promotes individual professional development in addition to a sense of…show more content…
Still, the jacket can be a bit cumbersome and seemingly out-of-place in certain settings. Many directly involved with the Plant City FFA – those who have experienced it their whole life – are adamant that the pros of wearing the blue corduroy jacket as a part of Official Dress significantly outweigh the cons. The world as a whole seems to be spinning faster and faster all the time, constantly dropping the traditional process, procedure, or object in favor of the latest and greatest in fashion, technology, or entertainment. There is no doubt that the Plant City High School FFA chapters, under the guidance of the National FFA Organization, will endure great change over the years to come as all student and cultural organizations do. But it is my hope that my children, and my grandchildren, have the opportunity to don the blue corduroy jacket, because it has a truly lasting impact unlike any

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