Misconceptions About Khaleejis

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Has anyone ever believed in preconceived notions about some people to the extent of total blindness? Misconceptions can act as a barrier that separates you from communicating with the people around. In the modern days, prejudices are getting spread widely among people; when I was a child, I had a lot of misconceptions about Khaleeji people that were common in my home society. However, throughout my life experiences, I was able to get rid of my negative preconceived notions about the Khaleejis. Unlike the assumptions about Khaleejis being arrogant, close-minded, and cruel, the Khaleejis are one of the friendliest, most open-minded, and kindest people. As a child, I was affected by the stereotypes about how Khaleeji people are arrogant, close-minded, and cruel. In my home society, people believe that being rich leads a person to be arrogant. Knowing that Khaleejis are relatively rich, the society assumed that they are all snobbish and conceited. Moreover, they surmise that Khaleejis are close-minded because no matter how modern their country is, they still follow the old traditions and customs such as clothing and lifestyle. Thus, I avoided any discussion with any Khaleeji about any idea…show more content…
They are willing to accept anybody from any nationality as their friend as long as he/she is respectful. Additionally, they highly appreciate other peoples’ opinions and beliefs. Furthermore, they always do their best in helping anyone in need. I deeply regret listening to those preconceived notions that were common in my home society; nonetheless, I liked the new experiences I made by conquering my fears to correct the misconceptions I previously adopted. I genuinely wish that people stop having prejudices about each other and never judge someone before interacting with him/her and knowing his/her

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