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Nepal Trekking information What is trek? The word 'Trek' was originated from the Afrikaans language which translate a day of travelling by ox-cart. The word descends from Dutch Settlers' dialects while their colony was in present Cape town. In 1806, British controlled the colony of Dutch Settlers also known as Voortrekkers. From 1830 to 1840, 10000 Boers travelled to the north and northeast parts of the Groot Trek. They established independent Afrikaans states which later incorporated into British colony in present South Africa. Since the 19th century, several Afrikaans words entered into English as a new coming word. Thus, ‘trek’ is derived from the Voortrekkers’, the Dutch pioneers who travelled across South Africa in their ox-carts.…show more content…
It should have an object of travel and regular program up to the base camp of a mountain. It is organized to spend the holiday for mental refresh and to collect information of people, culture, nature, language, social life and economic condition. Tourist loves to be far from modern technology, crowded and business. Physically fit and mentally prepared, nature lover and curious people can do hiking. In ancient Nepal, the vast majority of villages could only be reached on foot. With 8 of the 10 highest mountains of the world with its dramatic scenery regarding Himalaya region can be reached only on foot. Trekking Area Himalayan Region – It ranges 3000 meters to 8848 meters high above sea level. Length is 885 km, wide is 24-50 km that covered 25% area of Nepal. Whole year snow frozen area is 6% only. The Grater Himalaya, Trans-Himalaya and Inner Himalaya are sub- division. There are 1310 mountain peaks including top of the world 'Mount Everest'. Mountain is extremely popular for trekking and expedition. The Trans-Himalaya encompasses the arid valleys of Manang, Mustang and Dolpo, which are in the rain-shadow area. Trekkers can hike there in the monsoon season. Trekking

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