Adolf Hitler Tyranny Essay

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Throughout history and even today, oppressive tyrants in some shape or form have invaded countries, brutally tortured innocent people, and some have even destroyed millions of lives. Whether to acquire land, wealth, or sometimes even for the satisfaction of a despot’s own sadistic pleasure, tyranny is a ruthless force that often leaves destruction in its wake. The following examples are cases of oppressive and tyrannical rule in the 20th century and onward. One such example of tyranny is perhaps the most notorious tyrant of all time, Adolf Hitler. Hitler, a German Dictator, committed horrible atrocities onto mankind. Following Germany’s defeat in World War I, the German economy suffered a decline. Hitler used the economic depression to his…show more content…
At the camps, the Jews were sent into gas chambers and exterminated, or sent to labor camps to slave away in subhuman conditions. The more unfortunate victims were subjected to torturous medical experiments. It is estimated nearly 6,000,000 Jews were murdered during the Holocaust. It will be remembered as one of the darkest times in all of world history. North Korea has a history of tyrannical rule by its government. A country that holds complete power over the people, the basic rights that most Americans and Europeans would take for granted are non-existent for the North Korean people. To the United Nations and to similar organizations, North Korea is considered to be the worst country when it comes to human rights violations, and with significant justification. The media in North Korea is highly censored. Radio and television programs must be approved by the government, and it is a punishable crime to observe any media that is not approved. Freedom of speech is simply non-existent. Concentration camps that force prisoners to labor are estimated to hold about 200,000 prisoners. Furthermore, capital punishment in North Korea can involve public execution, typically by firing

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