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Without the invention of the steam boat we may not have experienced the industrial revolution. What made this invention so unique was it could effectively travel up stream. The invention of steamboats had many effects of transportation as well as shipment. It had major impacts on the colonization of the west. It also transported many goods from the South to the North which they could do so quicker and could keep produce fresh. With the ability to move goods so quickly I think that the steamboat was the modern day semi. Although it was pretty sweet to have the abilities of a semi the steamboat was not limited to these meiger capabilities. The steamboat could be considered more useful than the invention of the train. With the steamboat you…show more content…
The steam engine was the only means of motorized water transportation until the 19th century. The problem was finally solved with the invention of the internal combustion engine. With this invention the steam engine quickly became a thing of the past. I believe that without the major complications of the steam engines such as the sinking of the SS Sultana the need for the internal combustion engine would not have been as great. Without the need for an advancement there would have been less drive and motivation to the next step. Without the internal combustion engine we would not have as efficient cars, as efficient farm equipment, or as efficient boat engines. For this I believe that the steam boat helped revolutionize the modern engine. Although the steam engine used in many things, such as a pump for water, steam powered farm equipment, and locomotives, I think the boat was the best use. The boat allowed less resistance for traveling than that of a train of tractor. With less resistance it was able to produce more power and move more weight. With this, in theory, you could move more weight with less power. With less power you didn't have to use as much coal to build up a fire to make more steam. With less coal being burned we caused less pollution and less non-renewable resources were used. Over all with that it shows that the best use of the steam engine proved to be the steam

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