Professional Development Challenges

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Professional development issues among teachers in Malaysia There are many changes in the field of education not only in Malaysia but throughout the world era. Teachers around the world nowadays are under a moving pressure to performing in their field. High expectations and greater needs now pressure the teachers to effectively performing in the classroom. In this presentation will explain three major points in professional issues and challenges among teacher among Malaysia. First major point is strategies and challenges to improve the status of teachers through professional development, measures taken by government to overcome the issues in professional development and challenges ahead. Before that, there are 9 types of professional development.…show more content…
Focus on quality education requires the teaching force be competent in impart knowledge nowadays. Transference of learning requires knowledge, skills and attitudes from technical know-how to the creative art of teaching. In order to enhance training the TED has employed few strategies. TED is stand for teacher education division. For the first strategies and challenges is extending the career pathway for teachers in a way of encouraging CPD a one-year Special Diploma in Teaching Programmed is given for non-graduate teachers in order to upgrade their academic qualification in their respective area of specialize towards completion there is a raise in salary. CPD is stand for Continuous Professional Development (CDP) and in-service training. By extending the career pathway example is KPLi or Diploma Pendidikan. For the second strategies and challenges is improving the qualification of the teacher educators. The aim of TED is that the teacher educators to go further training to improve. There are three types of courses which are short in-service courses, master degree courses and doctorate courses had offered. Many on-going programmed and projects also help develop a cohort of key trainers, they been prepared as educators to teach back what they had learn to conducts own staff development…show more content…
As we know that research is not compulsory to teachers. So they need to attend courses and seminar of pedagogy and others. Conversely, there has been a mixed response because of the heavy workloads of the teacher that lack of research knowledge. Thus curriculum support programmed is the fifth issues and challenges. This program is important for effective implementation of the curriculum. Mastery of varied strategies in curriculum delivery and access to teaching-learning resources for teacher educators is made available. A few programmed implemented include those for critical subjects like Science, Math’s, English and ICT and both teaching-learning strategies and help teacher in producing teaching materials. A group of key teacher educators wrote material focused on constructivism to improve the teaching and learning of science and mathematics. Besides that for the sixth challenges and issues are management courses for administrators and school heads. Ministry of Education put a big effort, to conduct management courses to upgrade administrators and school heads in order to enhance their management and leadership skills. The excellent schools and heads are provided with incentives to stimulate and enhance their excellence and

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