What Are The Problems Of Social Media In School Essay

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It’s a problem that schools have faced for quite sometime, social media, but what makes it a problem is the real question. Most ever teen has some form of social media and spend most time on it. Most teens before going to bed sit on their phone and scroll through whatever social media they have. Teacher have resorted to having student put their phones up when entering to avoid the problem of having to take them away. Although social media can be used for educational things ,such as science videos, leaving it off at school should still be done, social media can be distract to student, dangerous and has can be full of non-user friendly content. To start, a main problem with social media in school is that it is very distracting, every time a phone is to go off students want to check it. Here the thing, a study in Australia, doing focus groups testing, show that students are struggling with FOMO (fear of missing out). They are worried about what they are missing out on. What would happen if they didn't know everything about…show more content…
When it comes to the internet most people tend to lie to grant access to website that they usually couldn't access. Student become susceptible to inappropriate content and can lead kids to child predators. Things such as chat rooms are a good example, you are communicating with random people. Even though social skills are important and most people there are probably just ordinary kids, the risk is still there of a predator is still there ( teaching kid how to be smart about social media kids health August 2015). When people lie to the internet they also become in more danger. If something goes wrong at a school it suddenly becomes the school fault, which schools don’t want to deal with and don't deserve to. The internet isn’t safe and school can, at least on school grounds, try to avoid it and keep students

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