The Nectar Of Sieve Essay

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This unit we have talked a lot about food security and i have learned so much from these lectures and readings. For example i learned that disempowering poverty is poverty that is very difficult to pull yourself out of and when people are hungry they are physically unable to do things to try to change there condition. this is something we often fail to understand because out culture is very focused on self empowering and fixing ones situation if they don’t like it. So when we send people over to areas with poverty i think we tend to put ourselves on a pedestal because we assume we would've already fixed everything if we were in their situation. We often forget the physically degrading part of hunger. And also what chronic hunger can do to a person.…show more content…
they are constantly growing food and assume they are eating it and fine. We can see this in The Nectar of Sieve because the family has a garden and always growing food but is so hungry. They have to ration to save rice and then lose that and have nothing. Although it confuses me when we talk about how the urban poor lacks food security because they don’t own any land and have to move into the city. But the amount of hunger within the landholding and farming communities proves that owning land dent necessarily ensure food security. I was surprised to hear that in some locations the amount of significant hunger had gone down since the last data was collected. However, this change took place in some areas and no progress or even more hunger in other areas and it important to figure out why this change occurred. If the problem is starting to be fixed we have to identify the sources of the improvement that way it can be applied to other areas. It doesn't seem like that source was identified but we cant just accept that thing got better without knowing the

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