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Chris Anguiano Ms. Osborne English III 13 May 2015 An Exciting Career In Welding A welder is someone who joints pieces of metal together to construct or repair an object. An welder perform a variety of jobs which include constructing buildings, bridges, and repair many things that people use in their daily lives. One would have to encounter many challenging tasks in the workplace, but is an highly beneficial for the outcome of the hard work. This paper will cover the job at hand requirements, challenges, wages, benefits, and tasks performed as an welder. The profession of an welder Welding is known as the process of fusing parts to construct something that is needed. There is variety of jobs that an welder is needed for involving construction,…show more content…
However you would need to pass an O.S.H.A ( Occupational Safety and Health Administration) test that the job provide to show if you know about safety at the workplace. If you don’t pass they wouldn’t even think twice of letting you go, because they would not want someone who can put themselves and many others in harm ways, so as you can tell the passing that test is very important. You would also need an high school diploma and at least some basic experience upon the job that you want. Some jobs starting off the position you would be an welders helper which is basically helps them extinguish their welds by bringing tools, prepping the tools, and providing your strength to help move stuff. As i said though that's if you have experience, if you have basic knowledge you would get a regular welding job that just fuse pieces of metal together to build or repair something. After a years you would receive a raise , but other than that you're stuck working at the same position.There are other ways for earning more money, as an example providing your own truck and welding rig for the company services, it saves the company more money rather than using their own resources and gives you a higher pay. Another way to access an higher pay is owning a TWIC card, which is basically

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