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What is privilege? What is the definition of privilege and who decides the definition? When googling the exact definition, the answer that I received was as follows: “A special right, advantage, or immunity granted or available only to a particular person or group of people.” This definition can be perceived in many different ways. Privilege cannot be defined by itself because the very principle of privilege is solely opinion based. With this in mind, another question arises. How does this idea of privilege affect each of us individually and as a whole? Each of these topics and questions affect all of us and must be examined and questioned. Privilege can take many forms and shapes. So what exactly is privilege? These can be answered more simply…show more content…
These types of privileges are much broader, but affect a large amount of people. Poverty and the neighborhood can be a large influence on someone’s life. The neighborhood you come from could put a negative influence on your image. Factors like this can affect the difficulty to obtain a job, get into college, or interact with other people, even though where you come from doesn’t reflect who you are as a person. Race is also a large privilege in our society today. Certain races in our society today can have a negative impact on how you are seen as a person. Stereotypes are often used to group individuals when judging who they are as a person. Wealth is also often used to differentiate groups of people and is often seen as a privilege. For someone growing up in a wealthy family, it is much easier to obtain things in life. It is often thought that with this type of person, everything is handed to them. With wealth, more opportunities are available to them because money is often not a factor in life. This is a true privilege, because without a sufficient income, achieving goals becomes harder. With privilege and understanding it, we must remember that certain privileges often affect us as an entire

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