To Kill A Mockingbird Essays: How Gender Shaped Roles

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This story complicates the idea on how a woman feels about her career and the man she loves versus how she should feel to the audience. Initially we are led to wonder if she is sad because of her job for the simple reason that she loses loved ones, whether it is friends or her potential life partner. She is constantly pondering if I tell him, will he leave as well. “My work is purely and simply a game played for the benefit of myself in my workroom. Why then have I bothered to form this hope in the first place?” (Pg. 307) Here the narrator states how her work is fulfilling and how it does not matter if any one judges her work, it only that she is okay with it that is all that matters. This leads the reader to reconsider her stance on her job, such that she actually enjoys her job. In the next segment, I will explain how in addition to her prediction of Xia leaving, she also hopes that he is unafraid.…show more content…
So when he brought her mother to his work place, he asked her ‘Are you afraid?” to which she replied “No, I’m not” .(Pg. 312). Think of it as the present characters but in gender bent roles. So Xia is the woman and the narrator is the father, we than get a sense of hope. Hearing this story from her aunt, the narrator thinks that she is like her mother in regards that she shares the trait of courage. Furthermore, from that notion, she is lead to believe she can show Xia her profession despite her slight ‘fear’ of his rejection, because she has courage to face the unknown. Since at the end, the audience is left to interpret whether or not she gets her ‘happy’ ending or if Xia leaves her. In the next paragraph, I will include another piece of evidence that she is hopeful rather than doubtful of her future with

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