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Throughout history, Canada has relatively been a supporter of multiculturalism. In the past Canada has had very few racial conflicts. Although there has been one incident which has had quite a controversial affect about human rights violations and discrimination. This thorn in Canada's side is the Japanese Internment which took place during the Second World War. Japanese Canadians were discriminated stripped of many of their rights. “In nineteen oh seven, a white mob rampaged through the Chinese and Japanese sections of Vancouver to protest the presence of Asians workers who threatened their livelihood” (pg.19 The Japanese Canadian Experience). This increased the fears among the Asian workers and increased the pressure of the government to stop immigration from…show more content…
When war broke out, more than twenty-two thousand Japanese Canadians were living in British Columbia in cities such as Vancouver, Victoria and smaller cities around the coast. As the war progressed, the government did not believe that the Japanese supported Japan in the war or considered them as a security risk. “But anti-Japanese sentiment grew in Canada after the bombing of Pearl Harbour and the invasion of Hong Kong in nineteen forty one” (pg.157 Counterpoints). This increased the tension between Japanese Canadians and the government. In nineteen forty two, Canada caved into public pressure and slowly the War Measures Act was invoked. The Japanese Canadians were pressured to move away from the coast and down to the Okanagan Valley. “About seven hundred fifty people moved voluntarily” (pg.157 Counterpoints). Soon, the government forced all Japanese Canadians, regardless of how long they have lived in Canada to leave the coast. Japanese Canadians did not know that the situation got worse as the days

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