Pride In Oedipus The King

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(Insert proper Collins heading) Int: Oedipus the king was a pride filled king who firmly believed he knew what was best for everyone, In Oedipus the King by Sophocles we follow the story of the man known as Oedipus, doomed by fate to kill his father and marry his mother. Upon receiving the prophecy Oedipus runs away from his home so as not to harm his "parents," on his journey he kills a man in a fit of rage but continues on, to later in his journey, defeat a sphinx that has been plaguing a city called Thebes, when the people forever greatful to this newcomer for saving them, make him their king. He marries the queen and rules happily, until a new plague torments the city and the only way to save Thebes is to find and punish…show more content…
In the book he states, "these fathers arms-that struck out the light and made this face this eyeless mask" (Sophocles 78). He had constant fear of losing or lessening his pride. Rather than facing his subjects with what he had done, he refused to accept his fate because of pride. Even when the truth was presented, with formidable evidence Oedipus chose rather than to accept his fate, and to die, or be banished, following his former promise as to how he would punish the assassin, he chose to blind himself to truth literally and figuratively. In the end, Oedipus was unable to change his views condemning him to become a static character plagued by inner…show more content…
His stubbornness and over confidence in himself made him completely close minded to the opinions of others. He was unable to see his wife was clearly distressed and had good reason for him to stop his quest of finding out about his past.In his stubbornness he said, "and let my wife with all a woman' pride bridle at my party origin," (Sophocles 60). Immediately he assumed she was only upset because he didn't heir from royalty, his stubbornness led to him finding out about where he came from and doomed him. Had Oedipus taken some time to talk with and listen to others throughout Oedipus The King, the severity of punishment could have been lessened, or at the very least he could have been regarded a doomed, but wise, man. Blindness towards others advice and opinions doomed Oedipus from the start due to his tragic flaw regarding

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