Analysis Of Bo Burnham's Poetry: From Stutters To Self-Rejection

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From Stutters to Self-Rejection: Expressing Problems Through Poetry Bo Burnham has over 150 million views on YouTube and has done many large tours, but when he is not he is writing poetry, some of which address some complex and deep social issues. Bo Burnham is a young comedian, singer, actor, songwriter, rapper, and poet who made his fame with satirical comedic acts and songs. Most of the poems he writes are comedic, however some take a more serious look into today's social issues. In two of his poems, Sully and Ashley, Bo depicts two people struggling with societal issues; Sully has a stutter and Ashley deals with self rejection. While both poems give a third person perspective of the characters struggle, both have their own unique way of doing so.…show more content…
Bo then provides an interesting analogy, saying “Simple syllables will clutter, stalling speeches up on beaches, like a sunken sailboat rudder.” Bo throws this analogy in to give detail to how severe Sully’s condition is, and how he is struggling to live with his speech impediment. Later on, it states that Sully barely says anything and that he is “sickened by the sound he raises.” The disability is clearly a problem for Sully, and throughout the text it Bo suggests that it is just worsened by society and how society is judgemental, however the end of the poem holds a spark of hope. After a day filled with the difficult endeavor of talking, Sully returns home to write his thoughts, and “sighs as they steadily rush from his head.” This poem starts off strong and illustrates Sully’s stutter all the way throughout, however it ends on a happier

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